Strativa Pharmaceuticals is the proprietary products division of Par Pharmaceutical Companies, Inc. We are bringing to market novel, proprietary products by applying innovative technologies, reformulation techniques and delivery systems to enhance their performance.

  • Launched in 2005 as Par Pharmaceutical Companies, Inc.’s Proprietary Products Division, renamed Strativa Pharmaceuticals in 2007
  • Our mission is to improve molecules for specific patient populations whose needs aren’t being met by existing products, so their overall treatment experience is improved
  • Successes to date include the reformulation and launch of Megace® ES, the relaunch of Nascobal Nasal Spray.
  • Solid infrastructure of marketing, sales, legal, regulatory, managed care, and medical affairs to help prepare a product for launch and beyond

Combining the
energy and
innovation of a
new venture with
the resources of a
leading, diversified